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Merchant Club & Helpdesk Services

Our Merchant Club Services allows those customers that manage multiple merchant accounts to replace terminals, provide supplies, and technical support to merchants for a low monthly fee.  Our merchant's under management can login to our website and reorder thermal paper, replacement equipment, or simply call our customer support team for help.  Our helpdesk services can replace your need to keep staff on-board to answer technical questions. Our Merchant Club customers simply transfer calls to our helpdesk support team, provide a merchant club name, and then we will take it from there.



Thermal Paper & Supplies replaced at no cost including shipping.

Merchants can replace faulty credit terminals overnight that arrive plug-n-play*.

We will not close a case until the merchant is processing transactions.

We manage the membership roles from our database and we can interchange information electronically. 

* Certain limitations apply. Merchant members must be admitted and participate for a six-month minimum to be eligible for replacement equipment.